• Michel Arnould

    Michel Arnould fortsätter att imponera med sina Pinot Noir-baserade champagner

  • Cantina Altarocca

    Cantina Altarocca - stora, moderna viner från Umbrien

  • Clos Dominic

    I Priorat ligger vår minsta producent, Clos Dominic. En vingård, urgamla vinrankor, tre grymma viner.

  • Tenuta di Tavignano

    Röda och vita viner från Marche vid Italiens östkust

About Cavarosa Wine

Cavarosa Wine is a wine importer focusing on small, family owned quality producers.

We look for high quality products that we can offer our clients at reasonable prices. The ambition is that every wine should deliver more than to expect at that price.

We sell wine through three different channels, the Swedish monopoly Systembolaget, direct to restaurants and hotels and also direct sales over internet to private consumers.

Through our webshop we sell wine in campaigns. The campaign is open in 3-4 weeks, then we close and ship the wine from the producer as soon as possible to deliver the wine to the consumer within a minimum of time from the campaign is closed.

Our ambition is to have one campaign per month.